This scheme of work has the theme of Rich World Poor World.

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Geography/RE component

N.B at the beginning of the module, ask students to bring in an item of food including: pulses/grains; tinned fish/fruit; coffee/tea; a packaged/processed foodstuff; a bar of chocolate. Label it with the cost.

Overall Aims:

1a To ask Geographical Questions 1d To analyse and evaluate evidence and draw and justify conclusions 1e To appreciate how people’s values and attitudes, including their own, affect contemporary social, environmental, economic and political issues, and to clarify and develop their own values and attitudes about such issues. 2a To use an extended geographical vocabulary 2c To use atlases and globes. 2d To select and use secondary sources of evidence, including photographs. 3e To explain how places are interdependent 6h The changing distribution of economic activity and its impact 6i The factors, including the interdependence of countries, that influence development.

7d Study issues of topical significance.

To explore values, beliefs and attitudes; and the relationship between belief and behaviour.
To explore issues of morality.