Bringing your school catering in-house can have benefits for your school finances while at the same time creating a better experience for students

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This free resource looks at the National Healthy School Standard (NHSS) programme, and the objectives relevant to the promotion of racial equality in schools


This free resource outlines the first two recommended steps in evaluating your school for improvement

Should we be encouraging school business managers and bursars to progress into headship? Ruth Bradbury, who speaks on financial management at schools, voices her thoughts on the subject, as do three School Financial Management readers

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Gary Dawson provides a comprehensive briefing which explains how to ensure the build of your new school sports hall goes smoothly

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Nina Siddle explains how she developed effective systems for improving attendance in her role as school business manager at Withernea Junior School

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School bursars and business managers can enrich both their schools and their own professional roles by getting involved in the wider life of their schools, says Ruth Bradbury

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Author: Edited by Brin Best

School Financial Management is the recommended read for all school financial managers, school bursars and headteachers, written specifically to help school leadership teams manage their school finances effectively

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Following the government’s rejection of the recommendation that the link between assessment of children’s SEN and funding for their provision be broken, John Wright discusses the reaction of the select committee who proposed the change

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Are pupils with special educational needs receiving the level of music provision they ought, as LAs and schools are getting more money for it than ever before?

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The idea of extended schools has a long history, says Pam Woolner, and we can learn from ideas that have been tried in the past read more

Have you ever been attracted by the financial freedom of academies but wondered what the drawbacks are? Gary Dawson guides you through the issues read more

Business managers and bursars are ideally placed to help their schools develop more robust approaches to fundraising, argue Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith

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Health and safety is not only essential, it can also be a very useful planning tool if approached sufficiently far in advance of a school event

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A number of resources are available when funding school grounds improvements, explains Gill O’Donnell

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The support of a school business manager can make all the difference to your next Ofsted inspection, explains Nina Siddle read more

Effective management of support staff depends on a set of basic systems being in place. Ruth Bradbury looks at how to build teams, define roles and establish effective performance management read more

The parental fundraising team is a fanstastic resource. Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith look at how to maximise the work it does

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Gill O’Donnell describes funding available from the organisation Youth Music

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Ruth Bradbury considers the relationship and boundaries between the roles of school business manager and teaching and learning leader read more

A £7bn programme will transform 8,000 primary and special schools over the next 15 years. Crispin Andrews looks at some of the innovative projects being planned in the pathfinder schools read more

Deputy headteacher David Morley examines how best to provide feedback, how to prepare for it and how to train others to do it read more

Many schools are happy to leave assessment of health and safety on work experience placements to outside agencies, but does this allow them to properly exercise their duty of care? Ruth Bradbury examines the problems and provides practical advice on how schools can play a more active role in the process read more

The contribution of support staff to student achievement must be recognised and promoted, says Paul Ainsworth read more

Headteacher Anne Clarke reveals how her personal experience of taking a risk as a headteacher led to success and highlights why risk taking is often vital to school improvement read more

The advantages of being part of a local authority where all schools have specialist status are enormous, as education writer Crispin Andrews found out when he spoke to headteachers in one of them – Plymouth

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While measuring school performance is important, it is vital that the data used is properly understood and that the broader picture is not lost, says headteacher Peter Kent

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Phil Williams, chair of governors of Kelmscott Secondary School, gives a personal view of his school’s involvement in the first wave of the Building Schools for the Future scheme read more

School governor and former headteacher Peter Downes takes the long view on what ‘local management’ set out to achieve 25 years ago and where he believes it has gone partially wrong read more

Jenni Whitehead provides clarification on when the Data Protection Act applies to photographing and filming students in school, in end of term productions, nativity plays, certificate presentations etc

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Steve Smith makes the case to governors for outsourcing the ICT element of Building Schools for the Future projects

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From taking assemblies to sharing your professional expertise, there are many ways for business managers to raise the profile of their work. Paul Ainsworth and Josephine Smith explain how to make a bigger contribution and climb the career ladder at the same time read more

To err is human, to forgive, divine… Ruth Bradbury ponders the fallibility of senior leaders read more

Lindsey Wharmby puts cost prediction and risk assessment under the spotlight

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School data is an exceptionally valuable asset and schools are not doing enough to safeguard it. Mark Hoyland talks us through the issue read more

Prudence, consistency, accruals and going concern: Ruth Bradbury explains how the four principles of effective accountancy can help schools develop robust financial systems read more

Steve Smith, former deputy headteacher at a technology college and now business development director for education at ICT specialist Ramseys, looks at the technological challenges and opportunities that extended service schools present

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My new school is in a different local authority to my previous school, and since taking up my post I have met with a wide range of LA representatives to introduce myself and to get an understanding of the way that we can work together in areas such as finance, personnel, premises and extended services read more

Josie Earnshaw outlines the benefits of a comprehensive support staff review at her Barnsley school read more

How should you review your health and safety procedures at the start of an academic year? Gill O’Donnell explains

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Josephine Smith and Paul Ainsworth describe how school financial managers can contribute to school improvement by becoming involved in class observation and work scrutiny read more

Paul Howells considers the changing nature of recruitment in our schools, and encourages you to consider how you can best save time while also getting best value read more

As part of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) initiative initiative it is recommended that schools work with a managed service provider to procure, manage, maintain and refresh their ICT infrastructure and equipment. Steve Smith explores ICT outsourcing and highlights the potential cost savings

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Lucy Fitzgerald highlights the financial and environmental benefits of more switched-on energy management in schools

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Kim Sparling, headteacher of Oldfield School in Bath, explores the concept of ‘value for money’ in a secondary school context and outlines some suggestions on ways to achieve it

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Dough balls and garlic bread…why does an assistant head find herself negotiating event sponsorship on a Saturday and why are schools having to attract sponsorship to gain specialist status in the first place? read more

Data protection law sets firm boundaries around what information you can collect. Educators retain excessive data at their peril, writes Simon White

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Patrick Ferguson, headteacher of De la Salle Humanities College, Liverpool, looks at the important role effective security plays in school improvement read more

In this third article on marketing and promotion, Early Years Update looks at creating a range of promotional material to make potential customers aware of the services you provide read more

We live in a data-rich age where almost every aspect of childhood is quantified! School improvement partner, Dave Weston, helps you see the wood from the trees

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