All parents received a letter today from our chair of governors reminding them why the school closed last week. It seems that the head got more complaints in one day about the closure than she did congratulations for an outstanding Ofsted report! Admittedly, it was a last minute decisions made when she got news that the junior school down the road (which is attended by siblings of children at our school, obviously) was closing. The weather conditions had been extreme. At 6.30am there was no snow on the ground. By 8.30 there were five inches. The head chose, at first, to stand by her decision to keep the school open because the staff were there and because she wants to educate our children. Unfortunately, the snow didn’t stop and, by 9am, most children didn’t make it.

Whilst I understand that it may have been a little inconvenient to have to walk the half mile to school only to be turned back (Mind you, I did it and thoroughly enjoyed it!), the decision was made in the best interests of the children. It is so sad that so many people in our society feel the need to complain about every little thing.

What I am thoroughly pleased about is that the Chair of Govs has been so supportive to the Head. I hope that some parents are now feeling a little guilty about being so miserable!