The school is closed again today because of the bad weather. The children  had a fantastic day yesterday building snowmen with their dad and grandma. Sadly, I had to stay in the warm and dry as when you work from home you don’t have the excuse of transport problems. I’m not complaining, it was good to hear their joy from the cosyness of my office.

Today when we got up, there had been a little more snow, but not much. We checked the radio, checked the school website and tried to check the LA website (though the server was down). School was on. Then it started to snow. And this was real, proper snow the likes of which I don’t remember seeing in this country. In fact, I’d have been glad to see it on our snowless skiing holiday in Austria two years ago. By 8am about 8 cms had fallen. By 8.30, it was nearly 10cms. But school was stubbornly open.

It took a long time to get to school – of course, we had to stop to knock every bit of snow of every branch, car and wall (and that was just me and my husband, the kids were shouting at us to hurry up). We got there at 9am to be told that the school was closed. And, my, did the parents moan. “It’s just taken us half an hour to get here” “How stupid, why didn’t they close it an hour ago?” “What am I going to do with the kids today?” (I mean, look out the window, it’s fairly obvious what you can do today!)

The poor head was beside herself. “But it wasn’t snowing when I got here at 6.30,” she said. And, in fact, her main reason for closing it was because there were no children – most of the staff had made it. Milly’s class had 6 pupils in it and her brother’s only 5. Yet still people moan and blame the head when all she was doing was trying to provide their children with an education.

Anyway, stuff work, I’m off to play in the snow.