Joining forces brings benefit, but there are implications for governance, employment, and leadership, writes Mark Blois

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Gifted and talented provision faces competition from many other areas for a share of personalisation funding. Josephine Smith and Paul Ainsworth share their tips for raising awareness of G&T in your school read more

New guidance on behaviour and discipline in schools hit the headlines during Easter 2007 – largely because of its suggestions on the importance of rewarding good behaviour as well as punishing bad read more

Schools are being advised to review their policies and practices to make sure that they are not doing anything that discriminates against pupils on the grounds of religion or belief

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The National Assembly elections on May 3 2007 marked the completion of the second four-year term of devolved government in Wales. Allan Tait presents some of the key issues facing school governors in Wales read more

Joan Sallis examines some of the different issues that affect governors in primary and secondary schools read more

No organisation can operate effectively without good quality information, provided in good time. Governors need the right sort of information, provided in an accessible format, to play their full part in effective governance. Martin Pounce reports read more

Vision into Practice – Ensuring Every Child Matters is a self-evaluation tool for inclusive learning. Trish Lowson, school link officer for Inclusive Learning at Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, explains read more

Sharon Wallwork provides comprehensive advice on dealing with a decline in student numbers. She argues that, far from being something that only schools in specific circumstances should be concerned about, all educational institutions need to assess the risks of declining numbers and the huge financial implications this can bring read more

What are the benefits of becoming a bank account school? We begin a series of best practice advice features with a look at the implications of a school having its own bank account

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Can – and indeed should – someone from a background other than teaching become a school leader? School business manager Ruth Bradbury explains her aspirations to become a school leader and, below, two readers respond with their comment

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As schools open their doors to new categories of visitor, they must take an audit of risk and danger on the premises, writes Sarah Freeston. read more

Q: Can an employee who secretly taped a disciplinary hearing use the tape as evidence at a tribunal? read more

In two respects the focus of education has shifted in the 2000s. read more

An independent report compiled for the government has suggested that a number of key aspects of school governance need to be reformed.

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School governors can play a crucial role in safeguarding the future leadership of schools by taking a more systematic approach to the recruitment and appointment of headteachers. read more

Sima Goldsmith considers the environmental and financial implications of the sustainable schools agenda read more

Nina Siddle explains how her school is working to improve the effectiveness of the governing body with respect to the new financial management standard for schools. read more

This article explores the legal responsibilities of educational authorities towards a child who misses school due to bullying

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Pat Barnes, education consultant and former head, urges headteachers to take a fresh look at their work-life balance

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Nina Siddle explains how one school in East Yorkshire found widespread benefits from engaging with the Investors in People programme read more

New rules call for closer cooperation between local authority and school, giving increased protection to children at risk, writes Ingrid Sutherland. read more

New maternity and flexible working rights mean employers must brush up on the law, says Derek Eccleston

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Christian Webb-Jenkins, of Browne Jacobson LLP, discusses the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 read more

No matter how watertight the contract with parents, schools must implement it correctly and fairly if they want removal of a pupil to be upheld, says Mark Blois

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A proposed change in the law would raise the legal age for purchasing tobacco. Peter Downes discusses the implications for schools. read more

In a recent edition of School Governor Update David Marriott explored whether there was a future for governance. read more

Richard Bird, former headteacher and now legal consultant to the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), analyses the vital role an outgoing head has to play in the succession process. read more

Many governors’ influence in their schools falls short of the model suggested by law, regulations, training, and the perceptions of politicians and the press. read more

Headteacher Trevor Bailey explains why Worle Community School and Westhaven Community Special School, both members of the Weston-Super-Mare Federation, have jointly entered the Trust School Pathfinder programme and what benefits he hopes becoming trust schools will bring. read more

Exclusion is now one of the main ways of dealing with extreme behaviour. Headteacher Suzanne O’Connell examines recent guidance and legislation on the subject. read more

The House of Commons Education and Skills Select Committee undertook a major review of special education in 2005-2006 and published a report that asked the government to clarify its policy on inclusive education. This article summarises the questions that the Select Committee asked, outlines the government response to these, and provides a brief analysis of this response. read more

Schools should take note of new reporting and training requirements, as well as changes to appeal panel representation rights, says Ingrid Sutherland

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QUESTION: What considerations should we apply when considering permanent exclusion of a pupil with special educational needs? read more

What should employers do when faced with requests for allowances to be made at work on religious grounds? Helen Badger takes a look at the law

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Anne Clarke explores the role of the headteacher and asks: ‘Is the notion of a headteacher an out-of-date concept?’ read more

Schools are having to tighten up their record keeping after an Ofsted survey found confusion surrounding procedures for vetting staff. read more

The government has updated its guidance on exclusion from schools and pupil referral units. read more

The government’s campaign to persuade more schools to offer extended services continues with the publication of new guidance. read more

The title of this article may seem far-fetched given the high profile of governor power in the past 25 years and the volume of paper – statutes, regulations, circulars, guides and magazine articles – drowning us. read more

Who is responsible for what? When do you delegate — and where do responsibilities overlap? Richard Gold explains. read more

New initiatives, including travel plans and school transport advisers, are being introduced. Managers ignore these at their peril, writes Ingrid Sutherland. read more

Q: Can a parent be prosecuted for not sending a child to school when there is an education supervision order in force?

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Faye Spalding provides an overview of your responsibilities to your staff. read more

How much does food affect young children’s behaviour? Mary Whiting reveals some research-based facts and offers some tips

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Nathan Archer, from the children’s house consultancy, guides you through the regulations relating to managing any money that you have raised from outside sources, and reminds you of the legalities surrounding local fundraising. read more

We all have policies; we monitor them, we evaluate them and every year or so we review them. Lynn Cousins suggests a different approach. read more

Colin Noble explains how achieving national healthy school status supports the new ‘whole-child’ agenda. read more

Schools should be at the centre of professional support for children and heads should champion change, argues Nick Johnson OBE. read more

EYU draws out the key points for early years education and childcare. read more