I am beginning to see that, at times, you just can’t win. There really is no pleasing some people. Let me explain…

I think I mentioned our Health and Eco Week in a previous blog. Well, it was absolutely brilliant, as usual! For a whole week, much of the curriculum was taught through these themes. Reception children learnt about repeating patterns by making fruit kebabs. Art involved making faces out of fruit and vegetables, then taking photographs. There was a sponsored ‘marathon’ to raise funds for an outdoor classroom. The Year 2s analysed how many children walked to school that week compared to other weeks, then recorded the results in various graphs and explained them to the rest of the school using PowerPoint in assembly. Children were asked to count how many times a week they flushed the toilet, showered, bathed etc and then in maths they calculated how much water they used, and how, if they changed their habits, they could cut down their water usage.

There was loads more – science looking at different light bulbs, healthy lunch box competitions etc etc.

Then, what did I hear a parent saying outside class this morning?

“Don’t you think they should be concentrating on getting the kids to read and write rather than this environment and health rubbish?”