Tim Dracup, the DCSF Lead for Gifted and Talented, will be joining us to reveal the major change in national G&T policy taking place this year. Tim will provide an exclusive insight to the government’s new vision for G&T and help you prepare for the impact it will have on how you develop G&T provision at your school.

Ian Warwick, Senior Director of London Gifted and Talented, will also be there to help you raise the profile of G&T amongst staff so you can develop a whole-school approach to raising G&T achievement. He’ll provide you with a range of easy-to-implement strategies for differentiating learning in every lesson, which you can take back to school and disseminate to staff to ensure G&T students are stretched in every subject.

We will also be welcoming leading G&T practitioners to share their case studies on successfully managing the role of G&T leader, as they reveal their top tips on developing first-rate G&T provision under time constraints, and with a limited budget.

In your choice of interactive workshops, you’ll also learn how to: ✶ Identify G&T students accurately with up-to-date criteria and identification strategies ✶ Develop students’ independent learning skills and engage them in making progress

✶ Handle parental involvement in G&T more effectively

Who should attend: ✶ G&T Coordinators ✶ Leading Teachers for G&T ✶ LA G&T Strand Coordinators

✶ Deputy Headteachers

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PLUS: All delegates will be able to download exclusive speaker presentations to take back to school and use in training.