How do you balance your use of rewards and sanctions, and are the rewards you’re using really having a positive effect on student behaviour? Dave Stott provides some practical tips

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As the end of the year approaches, use this guide from Behaviour Matters to evaluate how well your school’s behaviour management strategies are working and to plan for the year ahead

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How can schools develop an effective department or faculty review system, asks Paul Ainsworth

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Evaluating the impact of professional learning is a significant dimension to CPD coordination, yet it is often overlooked. This week we offer some practical strategies for attempting impact evaluation to help you focus your resources more effectively.

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Linda Evans discusses useful tasks for SENCos for this time of year

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Assess your own pupils strategies to prepare yourself for improving behaviour next year. This Behaviour Matters reminds you to include your own self-review in your preparations for next year

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The evaluation of CPD and its impact is one of the most difficult tasks for CPD leaders. Sue Kelly demonstrates some far more interesting ways of evaluating CPD than simply handing out a questionnaire

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Ofsted’s new self-evaluation form and how to complete it is looked at in detail by Early Years Update

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Self-evaluation has an important place in improving the quality of provision in early years education. Early Years Update discusses how self-evaluation can be used for maximum benefit

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A reflective early years learning environment is not only conducive to achievement, but it is also required by the EYPS and the EYFS. Cathy Williamson describes how a pre-school aimed to create one as part of a school action research project

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Does your governing body help your school remain accountable, and therefore more efficient? Stephen Adamson looks at how this should be done

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This free resource looks at the National Healthy School Standard (NHSS) programme, and the objectives relevant to the promotion of racial equality in schools


This free resource outlines the first two recommended steps in evaluating your school for improvement

Mark Chaplin shares insight into how primary headteachers can design a questionnaire for parents that will help them carry out effective self-evaluation at their primary school

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Early Years Update looks at the proposed new Ofsted inspection framework

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How would you feel about a student critiquing your teaching style and lesson plans? Involving students in the teaching and learning process can promote agendas relating to student voice, believes Trevor Brittain

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Jason Wood describes a groundbreaking project in which two Cornish schools carried out research comparing the views of SEN students and their peers on ECM outcomes read more

Headteacher Kim Sparling explores how targets in schools can be used most effectively

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SENCO Update reports a framework for local authorities that contextualises SEN/LDD issues within the five outcomes of Every Child Matters will be helpful to SENCOs read more

Consultant Harriet Goodman describes two years’ work with staff at New Rush Hall special school to help build even more reflective practice read more

Penny Cottee offers some top tips on self-evaluation and the teaching of school sport read more

Cliff Jones invites readers to challenge the meanings of words and concepts with more definitions of terms in current use and questions to stimulate discussion read more

Vision into Practice – Ensuring Every Child Matters is a self-evaluation tool for inclusive learning. Trish Lowson, school link officer for Inclusive Learning at Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council, explains read more

Planning for teacher learning has to be a key priority, says David Leat. read more

Many terms and concepts are in the air as the new CPD strategy emerges. Cliff Jones offers some definitions and poses some questions to stimulate discussion, and Ken Jones of the Swansea Institute responds read more

Trish Lowson, school link officer for inclusive learning at Calderdale metropolitan borough council, introduces Vision into Practice – Ensuring Every Child Matters, a self-evaluation tool for inclusive learning. read more

Kim Sparling, headteacher at Oldfield School in Bath, analyses the ingredients of her school’s high achievements read more

Ruth Bradbury outlines the things that all senior school finance managers need to know in order to contribute effectively to the running of their school

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Matthew Savage, assistant headteacher, George Mitchell Community School, and Dr Margaret Wood, senior lecturer, York St John University College, explore the role of student voice in evaluating and then improving the learning experience of students in the classroom

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Children’s therapist John Cousins examines the concept of self-esteem, which is integral to a child reaching Early Learning Goals in the PSE area of learning

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A quality assurance scheme is an ideal way to help you improve the care you offer children and families: What is involved? Hayley Doyle of the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) explains. read more

The role of self-review is gaining in importance. Cliff Jones considers why teachers need to look at their own practice and presents a useful tool for critical professional learning. read more

Whole-school self-regulating processes are encapsulated in the self-evaluation form (SEF), which is at the heart of the new inspection system. Anne Clarke, headteacher, looks at how schools can use it to empower themselves. read more

Susan Norman explains how self-evaluation can help children to take more responsibility for their learning. read more

A new report evaluates the New Relationship with Schools (NRwS) in trial local authorities and schools. read more

CPD Update takes a look at the SEF: the self-evaluation form (secondary version). read more

Students enjoy school and are pleased with the education they receive — a welcome message for curriculum managers, and one that flies in the face of common opinion. read more

Quality standards are the new buzzwords in school self-evaluation for G&T coordinators. But what’s the difference between an audit and self-evaluation – and how do you do it? Jane West explains. read more