sendlogo-3384430The SEN Diary is designed to help the role of the Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs).

The purpose of SEN Diary is to enable SENCOs to effectively and efficiently manage the needs of SEN children. It:

  • Is designed specifically to meet the requirements of The SEN Code of Practice.
  • Stores pupil data and SEN history.
  • Produces statistical reports on SEN for SENCO and headteacher monitoring; also, a PLASC checklist – all at the touch of a button.
  • Stores contact information.
  • Can be password protected for confidentiality.

By cutting out time-consuming administration tasks it will save you valuable time and energy – and do the hard work for you. This is achieved by:

  • A proactive ‘to do’ list.
  •  Just ticking to indicate when an event has actually taken place.
  • Simply produced agendas for meetings.
  • Diary entries that can be flagged as important.
  • A filtering system allowing you to focus on particular data.
  • Publishing complete diaries of one or many pupils at the touch of a button.
  • Producing bar charts showing the differentiation required by colleagues.
  • Summarizing the numbers of pupils at various stages on the SEN register.
  • Producing the annual statistics required by government (PLASC) (takes a couple of seconds).
  • Exporting details for MS Word mail merge.
  • Copying the same diary entry to many pupils.
  • Producing check lists for a specific sub-section of pupils to answer awkward questions from headteacher/colleagues/local authorities/Ofsted.

Further information and 30-day free trial of SEN Diary:
visit or contact (tel: 020 7954 3433).

“Thank you for a brilliant SEN admin system! We have just had Ofsted at school, and it was great to know that whatever question they asked me, I could extract the information required immediately and with ease. We were judged outstanding for SEN and the final report commented on the use of SEN Diary and the very detailed pupil diaries we kept. In fact, the inspectors were so impressed with SEN Diary, that they asked me for contact details.”
Su Summers, Browick Road Infant School, Norfolk

“Of particular value should be the timed to-do lists which should alert the SENCO to the need for updates of IEPs or dates for reviews. It is also designed to enable the SENCO to keep well-structured notes leading to well-focused reports.”

Further information and 30-day free trial of SEN Diary:

visit or contact (tel: 020 7954 3433).

10 Good Reasons to Use SEN Diary

Below are 10 reason how the SEN Diary can help you:

1. Reduces stress on the SENCO
Efficient and well structured notes can be kept on SEN pupils and well-focused reports can be produced

2.Totally owned by the SENCO running on his / her own PC
Totally portable (if installed on a laptop computer) with no need to access other systems.

3. Mirrors your organization’s structure
You choose how to group the Pupils (i.e. by Class or Tutor Group) and can modify your own list of SEN types.

4. Not just restricted to Pupils with Special Educational Needs
Allows you to monitor pupils who are of ‘concern’ but not yet assigned an official SEN stage or perhaps on the ‘At Risk’ Register.

5. Demonstrate the Progress of each Pupil and the whole school
For example bar charts can be produced showing SEN stages throughout the school year, summary sheets can be run showing statistics of all Pupils at any date, or PLASC statistics can be printed – all at the touch of a button.

6. Be up to date with lists that can be easily produced
So you can communicate with colleagues by giving them lists of the pupils with SEN in their care.

7. Publish information
Including contemporaneous notes, summaries of meetings, pupil profiles, agendas, etc.

8. Timed to-do list
Never forget anything with SEN Diary’s built-in To-Do list of actions (such as when the next IEP is due), now with a reminder of how many outstanding Actions there are when you open the Diary, plus reminders can be made to automatically appear on ‘To Do’ lists – for example: one or two months before Statements need to be reviewed.

9. Answer tricky questions from the LA / Headteacher / Colleagues
A versatile system of filtering enables you to concentrate on a subset of Pupils and print Check Lists with the answers to questions such as ‘How Many Year 1 Pupils have SLCN’, SEN Stage or a if you wish to focus on any of the following: SEN Type, Class/Tutor Group etc.

10. Answer questions about pupils, however long ago
Data for the current school year is automatically referred to but you can easily answer questions about pupils on the roll, no matter how long ago it was.

Further information and 30-day free trial of SEN Diary:
visit or contact (tel: 020 7954 3433).

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