With the summer holidays well underway I have an opportunity for a good mix of work-related activities and enjoyment. Today involved both – a lunch meeting with our Educational Psychologist who is returning after maternity leave.

It was good to catch up and explain all the changes that will be happening from September and, of course, to catch up with some individual cases and specific developments coming up over the last year.

So many changes:

  • personalisation of the curriculum
  • development of a ‘nurture group’
  • school systems changing
  • not to mention the ever increasing number of students with specific needs.

It was a really productive lunch and a welcome discussion away from the rapid-paced school environment that never seems to give us the time required to truly reflect.

Plus it made me realise that I have a lot of work to do before we return in September. Time to plan a couple of days’ work I think! What are other SENCos planning right now?