Author: Edited by Dr Colin Smith and Christopher Robertsonsenco-update-6661309

SENCO Update is the only monthly newsletter written specifically to provide news, analysis and practical guidance for SEN co-ordinators. New issue available now

Regular features include:

  • News: SENCO Update scans a variety of news sources to extract the most important events, issues, announcements and developments affecting SEN
  • Research Digest: Key research papers relevant to SENCOs are concisely summarised to provide a quick overview of their impact upon the management of SEN within your school
  • Case Studies: Each month SENCO Update aims to develop the knowledge and skills of teachers and learning support assistants through an in-depth analysis of a key SEN issue, supported by school case studies illustrating good practice
  • Professional Update: Each month SENCO Update will look at the nature and characteristics of different SEN requirement and where to look for help and advice.

SENCO Updates welcomes contributions, ideas and examples of good practice from subscribers and other educational professionals.

Frequency: 10 times per annum (no issues in January and August)

Extent: 12 pages per issue