Is it possible to do everything? Does any SENCo complete all the tasks associated with their jobs? I think not. Managing your time as a SENCo is one of the most important parts of the job. It is however, a very difficult task indeed.

The demands of the job, from a routine point of view (Annual Reviews etc…), are numerous; but added to this are the complexities of individual cases and the needs of parents/carers as well as whole school responsibilities…well I’m sure you get the picture.

It is a difficult task balancing everything, but I think that sometimes a visit in person to a member of staff, or to a student, is more effective in the long run − even if it is more time consuming.

I remind myself that communication is also a key part of being a SENCo, and even if it takes longer to walk down to the PE department and explain something, in the long run that personal approach supports you in the role, and most importantly, supports the young people more directly than with a non-personal e-mail or note in the pigeon hole.

Managing your time as a SENCo is hard, but sometimes the context and the other, more personal elements of the job need to come first. This ‘balancing act’ is never easy, but prioritising time and communication is something that comes with experience, I don’t think you can simply learn that!