I’m just ‘recovering’ from my 2 day week. I actually did work from home on Friday (as it turns out we closed for nothing as the promised snow didn’t arrive in our area!) but on Monday/Tuesday the only things on my mind were snow balls and creating the ultimate snow man!

On Monday I made chocolate muffins or mini-heart attacks on a plate as my husband calls them. I did at least attempt to save a couple for my Year 9 ratio lesson which I was due to teach on Tuesday but as it soon became apparent that I wasn’t going to see my Year 9s I decided to eat them. I’m with Libby and her daughter’s Maths teacher although whilst my intentions were sound but my execution turned out to be poor.On Tuesday (and not a moment too soon) I created a powerpoint presentation for my “Make a positive difference” assemblies next week. I will be a Chris Tarrant-esque host of ‘Who wants to leave a positive air?’ complete with heartbeat music on CD. How old-fashioned of me: I’d gone on i-Tunes looking for music from High Society but then found that you can download sound-clips from the game-show.  I’ll add the final assembly (I know I’ll tweak it overnight once I’ve delivered the first one on Monday).

On Friday, forewarned, I brought home the start of next year’s timetable but as Options Evening was postponed from last Wednesday to next Monday I can’t do much yet. We seem to start staffing analysis earlier and earlier in the year but as we have a high proportion of Australian staff who have already told us they’re leaving it makes sense to begin the process …… more in blogs later!