It’s very rarely that I feel overwhelmed, but now is one of those times. A couple of weeks ago all was well, lots on, but I was on top of it and making deadlines the day before. Now I’m just fire-fighting non stop and today I finished my 85 Y9 reports with only 5 seconds to spare before the 4pm report shut down!

The to-do list is never-ending and growing: the letter for the Ghana link, assessments for Y7, feedback on last weeks inset workshops, assemblies on Antarctica, G&T meeting, T&L meeting, Fast Track meeting, Ski Trip meeting, meeting with the Head re training courses, running club, Duke of Edinburgh, True Adventure trip to Borneo etc. etc.  Normally all these balls are kept in the air, but currently they’re all falling fast towards me. Oh and there’s lesson planning and teaching to do.

Then on top of the job there’s the Antarctica project: talk at a local school tomorrow before school, talk at the Scott Polar Research Institute on the 1st March (all welcome), fancy dinner at St John’s College, Cambridge, ongoing project analysis and teaching material creation. If this is to be an educational expedition, rather than simply an expedition, then this is the most important part. I’ll add it on to the to-do list.

Just four more days to dodge falling balls and I’m on the bus to teh ski slopes Italy with 68 children … I can hold on!