Everyone is panicking about something at the moment: the credit crunch, MP’s expenses, swine flu, hay fever… Never has ‘Have I Got News For You’ had so much fodder!

I remind myself, thought, that although this is a tough time for SENCo’s and teachers, others are facing even more difficult experiences on a daily basis. Whilst teachers arguably have one of the most secure jobs at this time, parents/carers are losing theirs and this is putting additional strain on households.

Families are scared about illness and recession curtailing their summer holidays, and these mounting pressures are having a real effect on the young people in schools – particularly those with specific additional needs. These vulnerable learners often struggle to understand social scenarios anyway, let alone the ones played out in front of them when they return home from school, under the current climate.

I am finding it difficult this week, having been ill myself, but I know all too well that others need my support, advocacy, mentoring, leadership and friendship even more.