SENCO Week explains the pros and cons of using Individual Education Plans (IEPs) read more

SENCO Week explains the tell-tale signs of hearing impairment and introduces some support strategies. Also included is SENCO Helpsheet 4 on medical conditions. read more

Inclusion – what does it really mean to special educational needs professionals? SENCO Week throws light on this issue

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Practical strategies to help you support pupils with cognition and learning difficulties read more

In SENCO Week’s third installment of Cognition and Learning, we focus on pupils with more significant difficulties read more

SENCO Week looks at behavioural, emotional and social development (BESD)

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Pupils’ behaviour is often the most pressing concern for teachers. This week we provide some general behaviour management strategies and also specific interventions for individual pupils read more

SENCO Week explains the different types of cognitive and learning difficulties, and provides a useful help sheet for identifying pupils with dyslexia read more

SENCO Week looks at the different types of communication and interaction difficulties and how SENCOs can provide effective support read more

Practical strategies and specific solutions for helping pupils with communication and interaction difficulties to overcome barriers to learning, plus an update on special schools funding read more