Whether you manage a large team of support assistants, or are responsible for just one or two TAs, keeping on top of ‘quality assurance’ is an important aspect of the SENCO role read more

Here are some useful reminders about making good provision for pupils with visual impairments

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A review of the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs, plus a help sheet for SENCOs to help define types of SEN, intervention strategies and Individual Education Plans (IEPs) read more

In this issue we consider how SENCOs can establish effective support for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) read more

A small number of children with ‘glue ear’ go on to experience longer term hearing difficulties, an important issue for SENCOs to convey to class teachers read more

Ideas for making a new start and injecting some fresh enthusiasm into your work and that of your colleagues read more

Practical advice on specific and carefully planned interventions for those pupils’ needs that cannot be met in ‘ordinary’ classrooms read more

As an extended school, Chesnut Lodge School in Halton provides inclusive after-school and holiday provision for children with additional needs and mainstream children. Heather Austin, their deputy head, explores why it has been a success read more

Are pupils with special educational needs receiving the level of music provision they ought, as LAs and schools are getting more money for it than ever before? read more

With 20% of children leaving school with lower than expected literacy levels, additional support is needed. Reading Recovery, a reading intervention programme developed in 1993, offers exactly that, say Rebecca Jenkin and Isobel Goss read more