Author: PFP

The Special Needs Coordinator’s File is an essential resource for primary school SENCOs and headteachers. It will provide you with practical advice and guidance in order to achieve an effective and manageable SEN provision throughout your whole school.

Inside each issue of the Special Needs Coordinator’s File you will receive practical ideas for supporting children with a variety of learning difficulties, as well as help with the challenges faced when including children with severe and complex needs in mainstream classrooms. Published once a term (three times a year), it will give you the confidence to deal with the many issues faced by SENCOs on a daily basis, in the most effective way.

You will find that The Special Needs Coordinator’s File is immediately accessible, instantly useful and easily understandable. It comes in an A4 loose-leaf format and is easy to photocopy – allowing you to re-use the resources as many times as you like, and share them with your colleagues!

The primary SEN coordinators who already subscribe to the file find it an invaluable resource. Each issue will enable you to:

Reduce the time you spend planning and researching – you will receive resources that can be put straight to use in the classroom, as well as specific support material, background information and suggested further reading.

Fully support teachers, pupils and parents – copy articles for your colleagues, worksheets for your pupils and advice and handouts for parents.

Make your budget for SEN go further – read reviews of assessment, ICT and published resources, so you can spend wisely on the right resources for your school.

Get new and creative ideas for enhancing your SEN programme – each issue will provide you with ideas and practical resources relating to teaching and learning, and provide breakdowns of ongoing research and developmen.t

Improve teaching and learning for SEN pupils in your school – you can stay up to date with the latest research and guidance by getting a regular supply of tried and tested resource materials.

Photocopy and re-use all materials – each issue comes in an A4 easily photocopiable and loose-leaf format. You are free to photocopy and re-use all resources as many times as you need for use within your school.

Each issue includes the following:

  • Condition focus: each issue of the series will take an in-depth look at one specific SEN condition, written by experts in the field.

  • Practical strategies: find specific information for a particular audience – for example, VAK (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) teaching ideas for class teachers.

  • Individual case studies: a series of individual case studies, focusing on children with complex learning difficulties and the professionals who support those children in schools.

  • Up-to-date, accessible summaries of research and new initiatives: each issue includes articles on current legislation or guidance, condition-related research and any other up-to-date SEN research.

  • Practical support for teaching and learning: we will share all the best and most practical suggestions from a wide range of experienced professionals and practitioners, including teaching and support strategies and guidelines for assessment.

  • Resources digest: we provide reviews of assessment, ICT and published materials, as well as recommendations for specific conditions.