So far the summer term has been very challenging indeed. I’ve been dealing with two very complex cases: one surrounding the complex mental health needs of a Year 9 student with associated social and family factors, and the other regarding another student in the same year, for whom I received the most detailed Occupational Therapy report I have ever seen!

The OT report is an interesting one: secondary assessment and provision is usually limited, so to get such a comprehensive report was a surprise! Especially as it highlighted no significant needs with either fine or gross motor skills. There was, however, a recommendation that his auditory processing be assessed further – a slightly controversial suggestion in my view, but one which I shall explore in more detail with paediatrics and audiology.

The first case is far more complex. I am lucky enough to have considerable experience in working with young people who have complex, co-morbid mental health needs. However, this case will test all my skills of advocacy and specific understanding of risk and resilience factors, with regard to complex mental health.

The family reports sleep deprivation, bed wetting, loss of appetite and depression following an incident at school. However, after a conversation with the practitioner nurse, we were in agreement that these may all be side effects of the current medication, and that an urgent appointment with the consultant would be the most effective course of action.

As with some of the other cases prior to the Easter break, I offered to attend the consultation with the parents to ensure the most effective use of the information and time. I will then meet parents again at the end of the week and provide a detailed plan, in conjunction with the health practitioners. I’ll let you know how it goes.