Programmes on Student Voice will reach the wrong audience when aired on Teacher’s TV this week; they need to be on Channel 4, preferably after some ridiculous reality TV travesty.

I’m ready to hear, listen and act on student opinion, but they’re not ready to give it. One of my classes unwittingly became an experiment for this blog today.

  1. I asked them how their confidence levels were and what would improve them. I was rewarded with some umms, aahhs and nods.
  2. I asked them to give me their opinions on a current issue. Silence.
  3. Leaving ‘student voice’ behind I went after simply their voice and offered the chance to play ‘Just a Minute’ followed by a sing song. Still nothing.

My conclusion is that student-centered lessons are the best form of classroom management going! My students, in the main, don’t have the skills or confidence to take advantage of a focus on them. As teachers we need to head for the start line, rather than starting this race for student-centered learning near the finish post.

Whilst in Antarctica we will be working to bring students’ ideas to the fore by building in interactivity. Students will be able to email us questions, suggestions and comments while we’re on the ice. And, right now, we’re looking for simple experiments they want us to perform down South, with the results being posted online (if our spit freezes before it hits the floor is already on the list!). Post your questions or experiments below.