The Teacher Support Network has set up an online advice, information and support service for teachers. This will supplement the existing telephone service, which offers counselling to around 17,000 teachers and lecturers every year.Preference

Research by the charity showed that an online service would be preferred by some teachers. ‘Sending an email is helpful for some teachers who find writing down their concerns clarifies their thoughts,’ commented the network’s chief executive Patrick Nash.

‘Email opens up Teacher Support Network to more teachers, as some have reservations about talking to a teacher on the telephone.’

Rapid response

The service will respond to any email question within 24 hours. A secure and confidential email account enables interaction on a one-to-one basis with a coach, as well as access to a journal and a personalised library of resources.

The email-based coaching service is accessible via:
The teacher support phone line is 08000 562 561 in England and 08000 855 088 in Wales.