New maternity and flexible working rights mean employers must brush up on the law, says Derek Eccleston.

Former headteacher Roger Smith examines the impact of performance management guidelines – in particular the changes to classroom observation – and how they can be made to work.

Former G&T coordinator Peter Leyland asks what effect the recent white paper might have on the role of the G&T coordinator.

Ruth Bradbury outlines the things that all senior school finance managers need to know in order to contribute effectively to the running of their school.

In November 2006, education writer and former head Roger Smith looked at the new draft performance management guidelines and what they might mean for schools.

Sue Moores, headteacher of a secondary school in the Isle of Man, compares the island’s educational system with that of England and concludes that she won’t be moving back here!

The progress report on CPD of the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) to the secretary of state for education, Ruth Kelly, confirms that the new national standards for teachers will play a role in determining pay.

The DfES has followed the recommendations of the School Teachers’ Review Body and announced an across the board increase in pay and allowances for teachers in England and Wales of 2.5% for each of the next two years.

Time to review the school staffing and pay structure is fast running out. Former headteacher Roger Smith looks at what needs doing and how it can be achieved before the deadline for completion arrives.