Part of a series of accessible books by Sue Soan, this title is designed to help those working with children with special needs to support learners in a primary school setting. Publishing in October, this title provides easy reference to up-to-date information and the most frequently used strategies.

Teaching Children with Special Needs is a three-part collection of books that provides useful and highly accessible information about a wide variety of special educational needs, for every teacher, SENCO and support worker in a primary school setting.

Teaching Children with Special Needs comprises: • Inclusive strategies for meeting individual needs • Specific intervention programmes and strategies • A practical guide for teaching assistants

This set of books is designed to enable practitioners to find the information they require about an individual special educational need quickly and easily. The books contain new, exciting and instructive chapters, alongside some of the most useful and popular articles from past editions of the Special Needs Coordinator’s File, all written by experts or experienced practitioners in a specific field of special educational needs.  Together they make a powerful and comprehensive resource, providing a wealth of information and ideas for all practitioners.

These books provide a resource that will:

  • fully support all those involved with SEN in your school –  senior managers, teachers, classroom assistants, pupils and parents
  • allow practitioners to refer to up-to-date information and the most frequently used intervention programmes and strategies quickly and easily
  • provide lots of practical ideas about strategies for teachers and teaching assistants to try immediately with children in their class
  • enable all practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills for working with children with special needs and help them to feel confident in doing so
  • improve teaching and learning for SEN pupils in your school, helping you to provide the best learning experience for all pupils.

Inclusive strategies for Meeting Individual Needs contains a collection of articles by experienced practitioners on different individual special needs, offering comprehensive information and useable guidance.  Each chapter offers very clear practical strategies that can be tried in a classroom without further training or expensive resources, as well as helpful references, web links and resources, to enable further information to be gained from other sources, if required.  This book will provide practitioners with the knowledge they need to be able to create an inclusive learning environment for all of their pupils.

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