Going to Antarctica is an incredible opportunity, there is, however, a catch. To go I have to contribute £10,000 to the total costs of the expedition. Currently I am a little over half way to that total (if you can help please go to www.antarctic-teacher.co.uk).

My fundraising efforts are having some unexpected side effects. For example, I now know an awful lot about the romantic nature of my school due to the carnation sending service I ran. Year 8s are the most romantic year (the equivalent of 50% of the Year sent carnations) and teachers are the least romantic (obviously not all that staff room gossip is true!). Year 8s are also the ‘most desirable’ Year with teachers being the ‘least desirable’ (although Year 11s weren’t far behind the staff!).

You could suggest running a similar scheme next year to your World Challenge teams, or to anyone raising money for charity. You should be able to source cards for about 90p for 50 and flowers at about 33p each from a nearby flower wholesaler (make sure you ask for a discount due to your charitable purpose). So if you sell each flower for £1 you make about 65p per flower.

What suggestions do you have for raising money in schools? What have you found that works well? All ideas would be gratefully appreciated by me and all other student/teacher fundraisers around the country! Please leave your suggestions below.