Can interactive technology enhance teaching and learning? Tom Donohoe shares the results of a research project that boosted mental maths ability in his school

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What is ‘ability grouping’, why is it necessary and what is its potential impact on students? Kate Wall explains

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Do you know your way around educational employment law? Does your school’s pay and remuneration package meet or exceed minimum standards? Tamara Ludlow gives a legal overview of essential information for both leadership teams and staff

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Decision making is the focus of this week’s Learning and Thinking Skills, as we continue our exploration of developing ‘independent enquirers’

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This free resource comprises of 10 traditional playground games for you to print out and use to enhance and enrich playtime

How can you help students evaluate information effectively? Anne de A’Echevarria provides some answers as part of our in-depth focus on developing ‘independent enquirers’ – the first of the six areas of the QCA’s Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills framework

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Penrice Community College has developed a system of empowering students and raising achievement through coaching, Barbara Green explains. This article also includes two students’ perspectives on the programme

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Julie Leoni explains why she believes that ‘positive strokes’, or comfort and support, are key to making her a better educational professional and mother, and how students could benefit from similar encouragement

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Jenny Fox Eades describes how focusing on students’ strengths is an ideal way to implement positive psychology in the classroom

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Author: Edited by David Mitchell

Living Geography is an essential resource written for all those involved with the teaching of geography to young people. The book draws from recent, school-focused research to guide and support you in providing a concept based curriculum that is relevant, purposeful and exciting for young people

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