Author: William Rawson. Series Editor: Dr Roger Trend

“Surely destined to become a standard …
One of the year’s best bargains.” – TES

Questions like ‘what is mathematical knowledge?’ lie at the heart of KS2 maths teaching, and Bill Rawson begins by investigating these and other key issues, such as assessment, mental mathematics and entitlement.

In ‘Interpreting and Implementing the National Curriculum’ , he singles out six topics for detailed discussion:

  • Using and applying mathematics
  • Effective teaching styles
  • Cross-curricular work
  • Investigation and problem-solving
  • Published maths schemes
  • Communicating mathematics.

Finally, he reviews the potential and problems for the KS2 maths classroom of using calculators, computer software, spreadsheets and the internet, with a special focus on working with downloaded mathematical data.

86pp A4

ISBN:1 899857 33 8

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