‘We are entering the most dramatic paradigm shift in education history’ – Mark Treadwell, 2008 It’s been a long wait, but key stage 3 SATS have finally been scrapped – and the implications are huge. The traditional content-led curriculum is rapidly being superseded by a new, more engaging, competency-led curriculum. The Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills framework (PLTS) is the tool the government has given schools to develop independent, creative learners for the 21st century.

How are you going to use it to transform your school curriculum?

Teaching Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills in the new curriculum is a one day national conference where you’ll learn how to  implement the PLTS framework and use it to raise achievement at your school.

Click here to see an overview of this event. You can also see details of the day in our conference programme.

Delegates who attended the London event said:

“ This was one of the most insightful and informative courses I have ever been on.”

R. Perman, Chalkwell Hall School

“ Thorough, engaging, enjoyable and most of all useful for my task ahead – 5/5.”

A. Jordan, Lord Lawson School

“ Some outstanding practitioners and thinkers on show – well ahead in their thinking.”

R. Jackson, Parkfield High