Teaching primary languages is easy and fun when using fairy tales, activities and illustrations

Chris Kington Publishing is excited to introduce Learning Languages Through Fairy Tales, a new resource that will make teaching and learning a new language easy and fun for both you and your pupils.

There are two fairy tales in the book, each translated four times to offer you a language course in French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Using familiar fairy tales within the classroom will help your pupils’ understanding of language – by following the pictures in these widely recognisable stories, and through use of repetition, they can easily follow and begin to interpret the language.

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Written by Sheila Cartwright and Louise Harty, Learning Languages Through Fairy Tales uses an investigative approach based on award-winning research carried out by the languages team at Northumberland Grid for Learning. When teaching language in this way you will notice that your pupils possess enormous capacity to acquire new language learning skills.

Learning Languages Through Fairy Tales will enable you to:

  • deliver quality language classes whether your own language skills are highly developed or very limited
  • rely on a quality resource that will help you to teach, as well as including you as a learner
  • bring positive language learning into your classroom
  • help your pupils to gain a deep and satisfying understanding of language rather than an arbitrary collection of topic phrases
  • engage your learners both cognitively and emotionally with learning language
  • find personal enjoyment in a resource that will engage you
  • understand a different approach to learning language
  • give your pupils ownership of their own learning of a new language and equip them with language tools for their future.

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