I went to the PTFA (You know, Parents, Teachers and Friends Association) meeting last night.

We’re just finalised plans for the AGM in October, that’s paired with a Quiz Night to get more people to attend.

I’m running the quiz, using the same theme (School Days) and more or less the same questions as I did when I ran one at my previous school. 

The quiz rounds are called lessons:

  • the Geography Round is a Underground Map quiz (you know: “it’s me and my six siblings” leads to Seven Sisters)
  • the Food Technology Round is similar but this time with sweets “they know all the answers” (Smarties)
  • there will be two Music Rounds (after all we are a music specialist college) one naming the song from one line in the lyric and one with actual music in it.
  • biology is about famous children (I may have to update that as three years on I think everybody knows Tom Parker-Bowles!)

Anyway I’m worried about it going too well as this idea was so well thought out (Basically I knew I had one fabulous Quiz Night in me) but I’m not sure I’ve got any more to follow it up.

It’s also (amazingly) time to start the Christmas Fair. I’ve got notices for each Tutor Group, asking about what prizes and stalls they’d like.

I’d be really interested to hear what your PTFAs are like, how many teachers actually go to events and what the money raised is used for. I don’t know if there can be many Associations like ours that have managed to raise £12,000 in just over a year for a new minibus.