Enhance your home-school partnerships with this one-stop resource by Mike Walton, offering all the resources you need to communicate with parents!

The Home-School Resource File is designed to help you with the essential work of communicating with parents to develop successful home-school partnerships.

This new collection of materials is an offshoot of the termly publication, Working With Parents, which in the past contained a section comprising articles offering both information and advice to parents. 

The Home School Resource File now brings together nearly a hundred of the best of these, re-edited, updated, sometimes combined, and re-organised, now blended together into a single collection of usable hand-outs, that can be kept in one place for easy reference and access.

The Home School Resource File will enable you to: • Improve your home school partnerships, offering benefits for you, your pupils and the school as a whole • Benefit from improved communication with parents who can play a key role as welcome visitors, interested parties, potential helpers, fundraisers, handy experts, informed partners, joint decision-makers, or model learners • Access all of the resources you need quickly and easily, saving you valuable time and ensuring vital communications aren’t missed • Empower other members of staff to participate in relationships with parents by having easy access to reproducible resources

All of the articles directly address the parents but the use of them will be in your hands.  To make them even more manageable, all of the contents are also available in a Word version on an accompanying CD-Rom.  This means they are easy to reproduce as many times as needed and can be adapted if need be to suit your own needs and circumstances.

Containing contributions from 27 writers, this collection splits the articles and handouts into three sections:

Section A: Information

  • Key Issues explained
  • Terminology clarified
  • School practices explored
  • Learning processes made clear
  • Backgrounds provided

Section B: Advice

  • Parents and starting school
  • Parents and school life
  • Parents and supporting
  • Parents and active involvement
  • Parents, reading and websites

Section C: Speaking from experience