After a long Monday (why do they seem so much longer than the other days of the week?) I attended a governors’ briefing on the new curriculum arrangements for 2008 and beyond.

As a staff governor I thought I knew most of what was going to be presented by two of the deputies – oh how wrong I was!

The aims of the new curriculum are admirable. It strives to create:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens

The new diplomas on the other hand – well they are a different kettle of fish, and seem to leave far more questions than answers.

I am excited and pleased with the opportunities the new curriculum offers, but if I try to get my head around the new diplomas, not to mention the ‘extended diplomas’ from 2011…my mind is a mess!

I think the biggest barrier to the effective participation of young people in learning over the past 11 years has been the old national curriculum, so I have well and truly embraced this new opportunity. However, with all these other developments, is it too much?

Only time will tell…