The Primary Assembly File will provide you with thought-provoking and captivating assemblies to entertain and enrich your pupils. It is an essential resource as these ready-to-use assembly materials will save you valuable time. An annual subscription includes over 90 assemblies.

‘This is the best resource for assemblies I have discovered in 25 years of teaching’ Headteacher, Cornwall

Topical, stimulating and interesting assemblies can make a real difference in engaging your pupils. However, it can often be a challenge to continiously think up innovative and fresh ideas for assembly time, especially when managing all your other responsibilities. The Primary Assembly File will help you to achieve this, and in the process will save you valuable time as all the assembly materials are provided in a ready-to-deliver format!

The Primary Assembly File is designed to help you deliver an educational experience of the highest quality, contributing to your pupil ’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The assemblies focus on issues of human concern, giving you the opportunity to nurture the shared values of your school. What’s more, the assembly themes are relevant to all students, whatever their family, cultural or religious backgrounds. It is an ideal resource for helping you to fulfil the statutory requirements for collective worship.

The Primary Assembly File will:

  • Save you time – most assemblies will only take a few minutes to prepare.

  • Help you plan – the 20 assemblies in each issue are divided into 12 themes to help you plan.

  • Provide inclusive assemblies for all – all assemblies are of the highest quality, and will contribute to student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

  • Help colleagues to share the responsibility of giving assemblies – we provide supportive and accessible resources for you and your colleagues.

  • Provide themes for the whole-school – each theme includes assemblies for younger and older children, or the whole-school.

  • Give you easily accessible and re-useable information – assemblies are provided in an A4 loose-leaf, easily photocopiable format, so you can photocopy as many times as you need for use within your school.

  • Encourage pupil participation – many of the assemblies give your children the opportunity to participate.

  • Weekly email service – get an additional 40 assemblies over the year.

This essential resource will provide you with:

  • Fresh and creative assemblies that are written by people with a vision – awe and wonder, humour and humanity.

  • Stories about children’s experiences – both school and home life. Many of our assemblies encourage pupil participation in the assembly, which is always carefully scripted and easy to do on-the spot.

  • Focused assemblies that will stimulate discussion and thinking, and can be used as a starting point for PSHE and RE work – as well as many other curriculum possibilities.

  • Assemblies that embrace the spirit of inclusion with stories about children from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, religions and ethnic groups: single families, extended families, children in care, disabled or special needs children.

  • Stories about children from a variety of backgrounds: traveller children, children of asylum-seekers and children in other countries, children from the city, the countryside, big estates, brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, teachers and friends and people from the wider community.

  • Further information about each assembly should you want to take the idea or theme further; and we always offer a Bible link and prayer or thought that you can use in RE classes.

  • A ring-binder to keep your assemblies in re-usable condition.

When you subscribe to The Primary Assembly File you can also receive our weekly e-assembly. Each week during term time, we will email you a brand new and topical assembly based on a current news story. This extra service allows you to deliver a topical assembly to your pupils each week, whilst keeping preparation time at an absolute minimum. This is provided in addition to the 60 hard-copy assemblies you will receive during your subscription year.

The The Primary Assembly File Team

Gerald Haigh, the chief writer and editor, has experience of schools as a teacher, head teacher, governor and parent. He is a regular contributor to the Times Educational Supplement. Michaela Fallon, SENCO at a Warwickshire school and mother of two. Her insight into the day-to-day trials, tribulations, hopes and joy of school life make her contributions invaluable. Jane West, an ex-teacher, education journalist and children’s writer. Her favourite stories are from the ‘child’s eye’ perspective, told with humour and pathos.

The Primary Assembly File is designed to support busy heads and teachers by providing you with assemblies that are of the highest quality. They are based on stories that your pupils will enjoy, but which also carry strong spiritual messages – ensuring that you keep them captivated and inspired!