The title of this resource bank might mislead leaders of CPD into thinking that there is little in it for them. This would be a mistake. Although it is focused upon teacher education it is also a treasure trove for anybody interested professional learning.

The TTRB is a three-year project supported by the TDA that aims at the following. l Making the Initial Teacher Education (ITE) professional knowledge base more easily accessible. l Referencing effective practices in all subject areas and across phases. l Increasing the quality and range of ITE resources available. l Raising the status of ITE research and knowledge. l Promoting and effecting change by supporting tested knowledge transfer and adoption strategies.

l Providing a personalised support service for teacher educators and those training to teach.

The development of the resource bank is managed by: l Research Machines l Canterbury Christ Church University l Institute of Education

l British Education Index.

To see an example of its usefulness to CPD, go to: If you go to the Elibrarian part of the website you can see how the resource bank has responded to a range of professionally relevant and useful questions. One question was about problem-based learning. The response provided a full range of sources of useful information.

In order to take full advantage of the TTRB, you will need to log in with a user name and password.