Thinking Skills in the Primary Classroom by Matt Revill will help teachers to apply thinking skills strategies to maths, literacy and science. This is a new collection of more than 60 exciting activities with accompanying resources

Thinking Skills in the Primary Classroom includes an introduction to the different thinking skills used mentioned in the book, along with guidance on differentiation, adapting the activities and creating your own.

It provides teachers with the tools they need to promote creative and critical thinking abilities to their pupils, by providing the practical materials needed as well as increasing their confidence in applying new strategies to their teaching.

Thinking Skills in the Primary Classroom will help you to:

  • raise standards and end of Key Stage test results
  • increase pupil confidence and selfesteem
  • equip children with life-long information processing skills
  • enable reflection, encourage discussion and integrate metacognition
  • create a positive learning environment

The games and activities within Thinking Skills can be used in a number of ways to meet the different needs of your class. There are opportunities for pair work, group work and differentiation, plus metacognition questions during the plenary sessions. The book covers Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6.

The lesson plans are easy to follow and many include ready-to-use resources. The activities can be made available to supply teachers and teaching assistants during planning preparation and assessment time, teacher absence, etc.

When the activities have become familiar the ideas can be adapted to better meet the individual needs and requirements of a particular class. The resources are stored electronically on an accompanying CD so that you can quickly and easily modify them to meet your pupils’ specific learning needs. You can even create your own thinking skills lesson, using blank planning grids provided, making this book the perfect way to introduce and develop your teaching of thinking skills.

Structure of the book


Chapter 1: Teaching thinking skills Using the lesson plans The thinking skills defined The thinking skills classroom

Adapting the activities and creating your own lesson plans

Chapter 2: Maths Planning sheets and resources for Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6

Games and activities include: Ordering weights, Maths stories, Compass points, Make a game, Find the difference

Chapter 3: Literacy Planning sheets and resources for Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6

Games and activities include: Keyword games, Chopped up limericks,Describe a character, Grid stories, Ace adjectives

Chapter 4: Science Planning sheets and resources arranged by QCA Units, 1 to 6 Games and activities include: Light and dark, Using electricity, Pushes and pulls, Variation,

Rocks and solids, plus a Science SATS revision game

About the author

Matt Revill has over five years experience of teaching primary school children. He was responsible for the implementation of the new Key Stage 2 MFL Framework, and is a regular contributor to the local school network for MFL organised through Meadowhead Specialist Language College
School coordinator for Thinking Skills and Creativity.

Matt is also a Lead Teacher for Sheffield in Creativity and Thinking Skills, and is responsible for managing and running several thinking skills based projects and delivering the results to regional meetings and conferences.

Author: Matt Revill

Published: 2008

ISBN: 978-1-905538-63-8

238 pages, A4, photocopiable