Thinking Through PSHE, Citizenship and Careers Education & Guidance is designed to help teachers to apply thinking skills strategies in the important area of Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), and help them to create exciting and memorable PSHE lessons

This book was born out of a passionate belief that students’ personal and social development goes hand-in-hand with their ability to learn and to achieve in all subject areas.

Thinking Through PSHE is written by teachers who were inspired by the work of David Leat and his 1998 publication Thinking Through Geography.  Having been successful in applying Thinking Skills strategies in their own subjects, namely history and English, the authors quickly realised how beneficial Thinking Skills strategies would be in the Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), Citizenship and Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) curriculum. 

Thinking Through PSHE will help you to:

  • Encourage a wide range of ideas in the classroom
  • Help your students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that they will need to live healthy, confident, independent lives 
  • Focus on helping students know how as well as know what 
  • Devote valuable time to PSHE, Citizenship and CEG that is of real use to students 
  • Raise achievement by involving and motivating students in their learning 
  • Develop your use of Thinking Skills strategies and enhance your professional development

Several of the exemplars included in the book are drawn from work undertaken as part of the ‘Travel Out Curriculum Project’, a North East project aimed at raising aspirations, broadening horizons and encouraging young people to investigate the social and economic issues of their local area.  The project, which has won national recognition, was set up to work with students across the whole ability range from the most able to the most disaffected and disengaged.

ISBN: 1 899587 51 7

Editor: David Leat

Authors: Claire Harbottle and Genevieve Barlow