This issue we explore some of the time management methods that might usefully support school staff in freeing up space for professional and personal learning

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Behaviour suffers when teachers don’t get to their classrooms on time, as pupils take advantage of the lack of supervision. Teachers’ timekeeping is therefore important, and can be made more efficient by planning and communication with colleagues

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Time is a strictly limited resource – we all have 168 hours in a week. The fact that some people seem to manage to get things done and have time to relax is not down to how they manage their time – it is down to how they manage themselves, argues Steve Mynard read more

Mike Munro Turner summarises the STOP technique for time management read more

Improving your time management skills means being aware of the things that eat into your time and prevent you getting on with the important and urgent tasks. read more

Do you feel as though you’re spending most of your time in meetings and not necessarily achieving anything? If so, you’re not alone. read more

“During a simple 10 minute walk, it is amazing how ideas can be generated, solutions explored and areas discussed openly, effectively and with a great use of time that invigorates the body and mind”. read more

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a reputation for organising and running meetings that were engaging, fun, productive, and used the talents of the people in your team? Maybe you do already…

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Tips to run more efficient and effective meetings. read more

Speed-reading is not going to change your life, but it will help to ease the conflicts of time in your day-to-day school life, writes Clare Forrest read more

If you are disorganised your colleagues will think you’re less effective, even if you aren’t. Unfair but true. Prioritised lists and well-planned lessons disperse the illusion of chaos, but what else can you do? read more

From 1 September all teachers with timetabled teaching commitments became entitled to PPA time (eg 2.5 hours, or half a day a week for many primary teachers). read more

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Most schools have not kept up with what management information systems can do for them, says education writer and former headteacher Gerald Haigh. Here he illustrates how they can make more of equipment they already have in school. read more