Transition: A Peer Mentoring System is a guide to organising a ‘buddy’ programme, which will help ease the transition process for Year 7 pupils

Through their extensive research, the authors of this book have found that there are still significant aspects of the transition into Year 7 that make the process difficult for new students. Transition: A Peer Mentoring System provides a comprehensive programme to train all of last year’s Year 7s in the skills needed to be buddies to the new Year 7s arriving in the autumn term. As well as supporting the new pupils, the research indicates other positive effects of peer support systems, including:

  • increased self-confidence and awareness
  • improved social skills
  • a positive influence on the school climate.

The book covers areas such as the roles and limits of the buddy, listening skills, getting help, volunteering and developing buddy skills. Contents include full facilitator notes, activities and resources, and detailed guidance for staff on how to organise, support and evaluate the programme.

About the authors
The authors are all educational psychologists.

Teresa Bliss has published a number of books with a focus on behaviour and Circle Time.

Rachel Down supports a group of Gloucestershire schools and is also involved with early years development work.

Isobel Hollis has completed a Doctorate in Education at Bristol University; her dissertation focused on the transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

Christina Lythgoe has been involved in action research into the Year 6 to Year 7 transition; she has provided the drawings in this book.

Transition: A Peer Mentoring System is suitable for ages 11-12.

ISBN: 978-1-906517-04-5

Details: A4, photocopiable, includes CD-Rom