I’m just starting to think about ours. It’s two weeks away. As usual each subject will put on some sort of ‘display’. I would like to give Subject Leaders some guidance and suggestions.    What sort of things really set a school apart from all the others?   Do parents really appreciate seeing students in Modern Foreign Languages role-playing a café? Especially with wine being given away; I’m not at all sure this promotes the image we want.   How does it help the parent of a tone-deaf Year 6 student to see that fabulous choir and orchestra? Oh well I suppose, if I take my cynical hat off, I can see the point of that one.   Our exam results were not as good as in previous years so I want to play up the strengths – 100% A* – C in 2 subjects. 70% in core English etc. etc.  

What do you think Year 6 parents want and what’s your school doing?