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A review of the attitudes of the whole school towards global citizenship resulted in changes to the School Development Plan.

We had the support of the Headmaster for this project which has proved vital throughout and has resulted in Citizenship featuring in The School Development Plan.

Pathway to Success!

March 2003:

  • Meeting of Headmaster with Mike Copperwheat, representative of Pilot Scheme. This was a very positive meeting since the Head is in favour of broadening pupils’ knowledge and awareness of Global Issues. The Head suggested the creation of a working party who would, with SMT, look to develop the School Curriculum and School Policies with reference to Citizenship. He, himself , would act as Senior Teacher would take resposibility for supporting the Project. At the time the Head was unaware of that any Governors had a particular brief for Citizenship, but since then two Governors have agreed to take on this role. One has been exceptionally active and helpful.
  • Meeting of the Citizenship Working Party. This identified the strengths and weaknesses of Global Citizenship within the School. It was agreed that school policies needed to be reviewed.The  Headmaster chose to attend this and several susequent  meetings, offering support but not trying to dictate what would happen.

Summer 2003:

  • Race Equality Policy reviewed and improved
  • History and Geography updating Schemes of work to identify and include elements of Global Citizenship
  • Audit of Citizenship within School. Staff increasingly aware of their role in the teaching of Citizenship and the need to update their schemes of work accordingly
  • Suggested to Head, that Global Citizenship should be part of the Whole School Policies.


  • School Development Plan made one of its aims ‘to develop the teaching of Global Citizenship within the school Community.’
  • Staff informed of the aims of the Project within Diss High through Heads of Department Meeting.
  • Students made aware of value of Citizenship through assemblies. Backed up by displays, departments and One World Week (see separate write up)

September 2004:

  • Appointment of two Citizenship co-ordinators; Head of Department for Citizenship Years 7-11 and someone to be in charge of General Studies and Citizenship in the 6th Form.
  • Introduction of short course in GCSE Citizenship.
  • Diss starts application for Specialist School Bid in Humanities, featuring Citizenship as one of it’s areas to develop from a successful bid. Although this bid susequently failed, it is to be re-submitted in March 2005 and has every chance of being successful.


  • It is essential that the School Management Team, especially the Head, supports all Global Citizenship initiatives.
  • It is useful to have supportive Governors who can put forward ideas and the ethos of Global Citizenship.
  • Encourage Departments rather than force them.


  • Since the School Policy promoted Global Citizenship, other activities such as One World Week have been actively encouraged.
  • Activities like One World Week have involved every member of staff.
  • The Head does not want Citizenship to appear on Schemes of Work simply as a token gesture.
  • The School continues to promote Global Citizenship.


  • Staff are not fully aware of activities across the curriculum, although this is to be addressed.
  • The School relies too heavily on a few members of staff to continue to develop Global Citizenship beyond curriculum areas.
  • Pupil awareness needs to be maintained. Will this again be the result of only a few staff?
  • Some whole staff training time needs to be allocated.

This work © Oxfam GB, Save the Children UK and UNICEF (UK), 2007. Part of the Developing Citizenship project.

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