Top practical tips for supporting the career aspirations of staff as they prepare to move schools read more

CPD Week looks at opportunities to support school staff holistically, through effective structures for professional development

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Each of us is affected by our own environment. Behaviour Matters explores the importance of well-being and the effects it can have on behaviour in the classroom read more

Angela Youngman talks to heads of small schools around the country and gains an overview of the challenges and pleasures of the job read more

To err is human, to forgive, divine… Ruth Bradbury ponders the fallibility of senior leaders read more

Dough balls and garlic bread…why does an assistant head find herself negotiating event sponsorship on a Saturday and why are schools having to attract sponsorship to gain specialist status in the first place? read more

Waiting for the birth of her second baby boy, drama teacher and head of emotional literacy Julie Leoni reflects on the difference between teacher time and mummy time read more

Time is a strictly limited resource – we all have 168 hours in a week. The fact that some people seem to manage to get things done and have time to relax is not down to how they manage their time – it is down to how they manage themselves, argues Steve Mynard read more

David Morley, a deputy headteacher for the last five years, examines the challenges facing deputy heads in the 21st century, how the role of deputies has changed in recent years and why fewer deputy heads are moving on to headship read more

What happens when your child AND your partner are both at home sick? Secondary drama teacher Julie Leoni discusses the issues raised by her experiences read more

Pat Barnes, education consultant and former head, urges headteachers to take a fresh look at their work-life balance

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New maternity and flexible working rights mean employers must brush up on the law, says Derek Eccleston

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Distributed leadership has the potential to transform schools, raising achievement and inspiring more effective practice from staff. Trevor Arrowsmith shows how

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Pat Barnes, education consultant and former head, urges headteachers to take a fresh look at their work/life balance. read more

Sue Moores, headteacher of a secondary school in the Isle of Man, compares the island’s educational system with that of England and concludes that she won’t be moving back here! read more

I’ve been on maternity leave for over two months now, and although my hands are more than full most of the time with my beautiful baby daughter, I find myself occasionally considering what might be going on at work in my absence. read more

You love your job, you like the people you work with, you have a great family but you seem to finish every day thinking ‘There just aren’t enough hours to get everything I need to do done‘. Sadly you would not be alone in these thoughts.

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Effectively managed work-life balance means having time for yourself, for your work, for your family commitments and leisure. This article offers advice on how to maintain an effective balance, as well as how to be aware of your own warning signs that you need a break

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How can we re-ignite the flames of inspiration in our teams and ourselves, and, while we achieve great things, get the chance to live a little too? Lynne Copp looks at the challenge

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Going back to teaching after a lengthy period can be quite daunting, especially if there is a new member of your family needing your undivided attention. Here are some tips to make life easier. read more

Delegates on Lynne Copp’s training courses often ask, ‘How can we realistically stop the long hours culture in teaching, and should we?’ Here Lynne suggests ways to redress the work-life balance

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