We’ve been collecting your stories about the inspiring and encouraging experiences you’ve had at work during 2008. Here is a collection of the PE themed responses you sent to the question, What has been your most positive experience at work this year?

“I helped a toddler overcome his fear of the water. He truly enjoyed our “Pool Day.” It was a small step for me, but a giant leap for him.”
– SpEd teacher

“Buying in a fitness instructor to carry out twice weekly sessions with the pupils in KS2. Not only did the children’s level of fitness rise but so did their mobility and strength. Also some of the children were so inspired they set up their own running club during lunch times and others set up weekly challenges. There were cost implications but the amount the children gained from the sessions was worth the outlay.”
– Primary Head Teacher

“We have a little girl in Year 1 in our village school who has Hemiplegia and who has little use of one side of her body. Against all odds she has taught herself to walk and at sports day this year there were many tears in people’s eyes when she took part in everything, supported by her TA, running, balancing, throwing and thoroughly enjoying every minute. Her 2 little friends (all 3 inseparable) supported her throughout, and even waited for her to catch up at times. An attitude and outlook on life for us all to aspire to.”
– Headteacher