1. Wicked Fast Water Slide

Build a water slide under different demands, such as time, and safety.


2. Sunset Science Experiment

When white light lights up one side of a long container, the water inside turns orange

A science fun experiment  to help explain why sunsets are the color that they are.


3. Build a Coral Polyp


A simple earth science projects becomes an edible science project by involving building an edible coral polyp!


4. DIY Unpoppable Bubbles

This 4th grade science project doesn’t take a lot of time and will produce some amazing results – everyone likes to play with bubbles!


5. STEM Quick Challenge Ski Lift Chairs 

Although it may require some resources, students really enjoy creating a ski lift chair with a skier and trying to take them to the top.


6. DIY Robot Steam Hand

DIY Robot Hand STEAM Activity

This engineering project also works well as a 4th grade science activity to explore robotic and designing a robot.


7. Right on Target 

A photo shows a young student aiming a handmade Ping-Pong ball catapult made from wooden sticks, tape, rubber band and a plastic spoon.

This fun design involves students thinking about the laws of science as they design catapults to help it different targets with ping-pong balls.


8. Compact Cardboard machines

A great use of a non-renewable resource to create different simple machines. 


9. Slingshot cars

main resized.png

Send a car across the classroom to help students to understand different types of energy transformation, including potential energy.


10. Hydraulic Arm

Science activity that examines fluid pressure, force, mechanical work, and biomechanics

In this activity, students create a container of water to understand physics and engineering.


11. Build a Skyglider

Create a glider as part of STEM standards.


12. Egg Drop Challenge

Egg Drop Challenge: Team Building April 2016 - YouTube

A genius stem activity about protecting a raw egg dropped from a high distance. Definitely a classic!


13. Build a Biome 

Illustration shows cutting the top of one bottle and bottom of the other, taping them together to form a bottom reservoir into which a string dips to provide water to the soil in the upper bottle.

Using engineering and mineral resources, create a scaled biome of an environment. 


14. Make a Wigglebot 

Five students cluster around their model biodome as one plants seeds in the soil.

This project for kids is a good idea for the science fair, as 4th grade students love seeing a simple robot that can design things itself.


15. Bottle Rocket 

Bottle Rockets - Backyard Science Launching Young STEM Minds

Another engineering science project that involves understanding chemical reactions and chemical energy.


16. Build a Bridge

What a fun STEM project for kids! Build straw bridges to learn about engineering.

This activity can really help to generate some STEM excitement and students begin to think about how to build a load-bearing bridge.


17. Feel the Heat

Understand how the water cycle works on the moon in this 4th grade science activity. 


18. Clean an oil spill 

This STEM project has real-world applications as students learn to clean up wasted oil. 


19. Build a Simple Circuit 

Build a Simple Circuit From a Pizza Box (No Soldering)

Science videos can be interesting, but this activity helps students to understand the science behind batteries in an interactive way.


20. Electric Dough 

Electric Play Dough Project 1: Make Your Play Dough Light ...

Electricity and cooking?! Yes! Students will learn to create their own electric creations when learning about electric dough.


21. Solar Oven 

Another potentially edible science project, this lesson will lead to the creation of an oven using common materials and resources.


22. Build a dam

How to Make a Dam Model for a Science Project | Sciencing

With this engineering project, you can allow your students to help to fix the global issue of flooding.


23. Safe Landing

SAFE LANDING: Design and build a way to protect a ...

This activity is, quite literally, a breeze for teachers as it involves understanding airplanes!


24. Rubber band Helicopter

main copy.jpg

Create a flying machine and take to the skies in this ingenious activity.


25. Bottle Cartesian Diver

Two photos: A neutrally buoyant Cartesian diver inside a one-liter clear plastic soda bottle filled with water; the squid-like plastic object rests at the top of the bottle, right under the cap. A hand around the same one-liter bottle of water squeezes the bottle, thereby applying an external pressure causing the squid-like "Cartesian diver" to sink to the bottom of the bottle.

Understand the laws of science underwater in this exciting experiment. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What is an engineering science fair project?

Any of the experiments and activities we have mentioned above would be suitable!

What are the best topics for investigatory projects?

You should try to ensure that your projects have a purpose or goal in mind for the student, in terms of what exactly they will be investigating. You should also choose a project that engages your student and makes them interested in the topic at hand.

What is the taught in 4th grade science?

Topics will vary depending on where you live, so make sure to check the common core or state standards.