Math isn’t the easiest subject to get your students engaged in. You might find yourself struggling to think of ways to encourage your students this subject fun. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here is a list of just some of the best Math activities out there for 4th-graders.

1. Math vs. Monsters

Get your students learning about vital math skills like numbers, shapes, and sorting activities with this cool activity. They’ll be sure to love fighting enemies by answering some riddles!

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2. Mathimals

Who knew learning Math could be so cute?! This game could be played in teams of students to practice their sequencing and other essential skills. 

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3. Decimal Detectives

Students can put their understanding of decimals and place value figures to the test in this fun Math game, which will also encourage them to use concepts of critical thinking, too.

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4. Mixed Fraction Maze

This maze game will help your learner to show off their math knowledge of fractions by changing mixed fractions into improper fractions. 

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5. Radar Multi-Digit Array

This radar game involves your student completing some multi-digit multiplication activities to help direct a team. Try asking some follow-up questions to increase the level of difficulty for your more advanced math learners.

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6. Circus Angle Management

Roll up, roll up, and take your fourth grade math students on a trip to the circus! Using their knowledge of angles and other key grade math skills, they will help the clowns to hit their targets.

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7. The Great Penguin Canoe Race

Students will practice simple operation skills and understanding of multiplication with complex figures in this awesome math game, helping penguins to win a canoe race!

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8. Heroic Ants

As part of this bizarre geometry game, your learners can practice types of angles by helping the ants travel the furthest distance. For a student upgrade, try asking your learners to calculate the angles of each throw.

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9. Demolition Division

Your fourth grade math students will love using their division fact knowledge to blast away tanks as part of this engrossing game that appeals to many skill levels. 

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10. Cuisenaire Rods

These rods can be used in a variety of ways to check previous understanding and a range of skills, from basic addition skills to geometric shapes. 

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11. Hands-on Geometry

Paper shapes have never been so fun! This delightful game is ideal for helping your students to apply their knowledge of geometry and patterns of shapes to physical things.

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12. Time Punch

Using digital clock patterns, your student will have to match these to the analogue clock. Try increasing the difficulty for your advanced learners. 

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13. Open and Closed Shapes

Shapes | Geometry Game | Turtle Diary

Your students will love helping Jojo the Monkey gather bananas in this exciting game, where they have to identify open and closed figures.

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14. Classify Polygons

5th Grade Learning Games | Turtle Diary 5th Grade Games

Yet another fun game, this will have your learners thinking carefully about polygons  and complex shapes. Try combining with the regular and irregular polygon game for even more fun.

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15. Fraction Dominoes

Learning Fractions - Fractions Game | Turtle Diary

Matching fractions has never been so fun! Your students can demonstrate their understanding of fractions with denominators as part of this fraction game.

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16. Decimal Place Value

Turn a beloved card game into an educational one by encouraging your fourth grade math students to complete with one another thinking about place value in simple figures.

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17. Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Get your students moving around and practicing a wide variety of basic math skills and math topics as they measure as many things as possible.

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18. Geometry Bingo

Using two-dimensional shapes, students will compete with one another to match these to key words like “rays and line segments” and “perpendicular lines”.

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19. Don’t Get Caught

Make multiplication fun by encouraging your students to “fish” for the correct answers in this exciting activity.

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20. Addition Jenga

The classic game for kids because an educational tool where your learner can remove a cube once they have solved the question clues.

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21. Bottle Flipping Graph

This is an innovative take on usual graphing activities that involves students making predictions and interpreting data.

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22. Division Derby

Take your learners to a horse race as they use their understanding of division skills to help their pony to the finish line.

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23. Hungry Puppies Decimals

Who knew decimals could be so cute? Your students will apply their knowledge of place value and decimals to feed these adorable pups.

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These are just a few of the awesome games available to help get your students engaged and learning in Math class. You can try each of these both inside and outside of the classroom.

Frequently Asked Question

How can 4th graders make math fun?

Take a look at some of the activities above and give them a try to make your students enjoy their math lessons.

What math do 4th graders learn?

Check the Common Core and state standards to find out exactly what is on the specification, as it varies from state to state.

How can I make my math class fun?

Try incorporating some activities and games into your lessons. Students love any type of activity that is competitive!