We’ve compiled a list of 15 fantastic engineering gifts for kids! With the help of these gifts and games, children learn about new concepts related to differing spheres of engineering. They are able to build their problem solving, spatial reasoning, motor skills and more! Children are born with a natural curiosity and we’d like to help you tap into that innate ability with the help of our STEM focused gift guide below.   

1. Suspended

This game encourages building and balance and is not only suited to children, but to the whole family. It  provides ongoing fun and learning whilst helping to develop various skills such as hand-eye coordination!

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2. Fidget Spinner

A gift with an engineering twist! Kids are invited to reverse engineer their fidget spinners by taking them apart to see how all the pieces fit together and all rely on each other. Among the many gifting suggestions for kids, this one is cost effective and helps grow basic mechanical skills! 

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3. Doodle 3D Dinosaurs 

Doodle Dinosaur bones with a 3D pen and then piece the bones together to see your creation take shape. Learning about connections is made easy with three-dimensional object puzzles such as these! 

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4. Brain Flakes

This simple STEM activity allows kids to experiment with design whilst coming up with creative figures such as trees, buildings, parks and more! 

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5. The Inventors Box

This is the perfect STEM toy for future engineers. The projects in this box are suitable for varying age levels and allow children to design fabulous creations!

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6. Contraptions Gift Set

One of the best building sets out! If you’re looking to get crafty and save money, you could even consider using inexpensive wood pieces to build weird and wonderful contraptions! 

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7. Magna Tiles

This is a gift that keeps on giving! Children can enjoy hours of creative fun whilst developing their spatial reasoning skills in a fun and creative manner. 

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8. K’nex Model Building Set

Level up with K’nex! This gift is perfect for middle school and teen learners. With a focus on STEM education, children have an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills whilst choosing from many exciting  building opportunities. 

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9. Solar Robot

Kids who are interested in becoming mechanical engineers, would love this gift! They have the chance to learn about renewal energy sources whilst building this solar-powered robot and gaining knowledge of simple machines. 

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10. Marble Run

One of the best gifts is this marble run set. Children are required to build a castle and then set their marbles lose at the top of the course and see if they can reach the bottom of the building. 

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11. Spirograph Set

Watch your children progress from artists to engineers in no time! Teach your kids about engineering concepts such as balance, spatial reasoning and design with this wonderful spirograph set. 

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12. Motorcycle Creation 

A STEM challenge that promotes critical thinking! By using pieces of metal and plastic, kids are able to engineer a motorcycle, robot and roadster. Engineering toys such as these encourage the development of motor, spatial, and problem solving skills. 

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13. Shark Nightlight

This 3D nightlight allows children to submerge into an underwater world of fun and enjoyment! The shark nightlight comes in many colors and is remote controlled. 

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14. Magnet Engineering

Engineer magnetic objects and have hours of fun with this magnetic creation kit! Magnetize everyday objects as well as special objects included in this amazing kit.  

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15. Hydraulic Claw

Spoil a loved one by gifting them with various tinker crates. This is a gift that keeps on giving with monthly subscriptions! This hydraulic claw is wonderful for teaching electrical engineering. 

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With their focus on electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, our gifts are sure winners for both young children and teenagers. Help develop your child’s STEM skills by giving them a gift that will provide both a fun and unique learning opportunity! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do engineers do for kids?

Engineers use scientific training in order to help them build and design different practical items. Read this piece by National Geographic to help you better explain engineering to your little ones. Engineers help solve problems that we encounter in everyday life.

What are the four types of engineers?

Chemical engineers work with molecules to create new materials, medicines and fuels. Electrical engineers deal with electrical work and help make the latest cellphones and laptops come to life. They are also responsible for working with circuits, electricity and power supply. Mechanical engineering has its focus in design, construction and maintenance of objects such as cars and airplanes. Civil engineers help design and create bridges, roads, railways and other important infrastructure.