Knowing where to start with engineering kits can be a little difficult at first. There are countless ones available and it can be daunting trying to decide which one is best. To help you out, we’ve created a list on the best engineering kits for high school students to ensure optimal learning.

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1. Electrical engineering principles starter kit

This Elegoo kit is perfect for electrical engineering stem projects. It’s a great teacher resource and could easily be used in a distance learning context.  

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2. Straw bees hands on science kit

This custom science kit is perfect for teaching all aspects of STEM education. To top it off, it includes challenge cards which are perfect for your stem lessons. 

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3. Coding and robotics STEM skills kit

This is the perfect hands on activity for critical thinking and robotics engineering skills. You can teach a variety of stem skills with this kit!

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4. Marble roller coaster physical science kit

This is an excellent way of using one kit for many STEM activities. You can teach potential and kinetic energy through physics. 

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5.  Powerful STEAM BOT kit

 STEAM enthusiasts will love this! This is the perfect STEM kit for the engineering-rich classroom experience and promotes active learning, remote learning and is a great example of apps hands-on science kits.

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6. Erector hands-on learning kit

An excellent steam project for independent learning. Design products with motors to complete tasks and have your students give a product demonstration of their design. 

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7. Mechanical 3D structural engineering kit

This kit has all the resources, materials and tools needed to meet the NGSS curriculum standards for science, technology, engineering and arts. It can be used in middle schools and high schools.

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8. Elegoo smart robot Kit

This is the perfect robot for science students. It offers a fantastic learning opportunity for engineering, design, and is sure to be an educational tool you don’t want to miss out on!

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9. Genetic Engineering kit to grow aminos

Biology can be a difficult concept, but you can make it fun with this hands-on science kit which teacher biological science principles which put the art in STEM.  

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10.  Fossil fuel and biofuel combustion Kit 

CASE, a true learning program for agricultural engineering concepts can be taught using this kit to teach about renewable energy technology. It’s a fantastic tool for any teacher. 

11. Aerospace Engineering flight test 

This is an excellent resource and can be done in a group setting or made by an individual student. This provides an aerospace engineering foundation for students. Grab it while it’s on special offer!

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12. Little bits synth kit

 A must have resource for Any stem program. Students engineer a sound board to produce their own music. 

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13. Arduino Engineering Kit Rev 2

Out of STEM Ideas in the classroom? This engineering kit has all the materials you need to for supplemental learning in the classroom. 

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14. Personal computer Kit

Start your students on a career in STEM by helping them engineer a personal computer and coding their own programs. This can teach all aspects of STEM education.

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15. Horizon fuel cell car kit

Science, technology, engineering? Check, check and check. Develop Stem engineering literacy with this horizon fuel cell kit.

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16. Renewable energy Education set

 Create positive experiences for your students. Build a bridge to student knowledge by engineering a renewable energy source with this windmill kit.

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17. Amplifier kit

This is the perfect addition to your high school science classes. This hands on learning kit will guide your students to engineer a speaker. 

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18. Physics science lab kit

This tool kit is a great way to keep teen aged students engaged by engineering with electromagnetic induction.  

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19. Biology and genetics DNA Kit

 This cool bioengineering kit contains all the stem materials to isolate and test on plant DNA. 

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20. Smithsonian Mega Science lab

This science lab has a few stem projects including engineering an eco-dome and growing your own crystals. This science kit is great for both middle and high school. 

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Why are they important?

These are just a few of the best kits out there for your high school student. They are sure to keep your students engaged and interested in engineering. 

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