Our engaging, educator-created games help foster learning in a fun and unique manner. The world of education is ever-changing and teachers have had to come up with new techniques in order to keep their students engaged throughout class time. Simplify challenging concepts with our list of fun math games which have been specially designed for the 5th grade classroom.

1.  Math Agent

This online card game allows learners to practice all 4 math skills and develop an understanding of more complex concepts such as exponents, surface area and more! 

Math Agent

2. Dolphin Feed

This fun game allows students to put concepts of money into practice. Students have to race against the clock and other players to be the first to select coins and notes that equate to a set amount.

Dolphin Feed

3. Back 2 Back

This competitive game requires two teams and one student to be the caller. Opposing team members stand back to back and write a number on the board. The caller then shouts out the sum of the two numbers and the team members race to see if they can discover their opponents number. 


4. Math Mystery

Math mystery helps to develop algebraic reasoning and work with basic equations at an introductory level. 

Deep Sea Math Mystery

5. Order Decimals

A wonderful decimals game that allows 5th graders to become adept in identifying and differentiate between decimals of increasing and decreasing value. 

Order Decimals

6. Two Truths and a Lie

The teacher will pose  statements to the class- 2 being true and 1 being a lie. This simple game requires that students analyze the statements in conjunction with the pictures depicted above them in order to reveal the lie. 

Two Truths and a Lie

7. Bingo

An upbeat learning game that promotes learning appropriate 5th grade math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This enjoyable math game rewards students by giving them Bingo Bugs as an added bonus!


8. Kangaroo Hop

Practice shape recognition as your students guide their kangaroo across a pond covered in different shaped lily-pads.  

Kangaroo Hop

9. Arithmetic 

Build various equations with this online math game! Questions are presented at the bottom of the screen and the class could either work individually, in pairs, or in groups in order to complete the activity successfully. 


10. Math Facts

With the help of math fact flashcards based on the basic math skill or skills you are practicing. This interactive math game is best played in groups of between 2-4 learners. 

Math Facts

Fraction and Decimal Number Games

11. Decimal Detective

5th Graders play the role of detectives as they are given hints to uncover the decimal numbers with the help of good reasoning skills!

Decimal Detective

12. The Legend of Golden Pizza

Students hunt for 8 pieces of golden pizza and learn about fractions whilst fighting off pizza zombies and aliens along the way!

The Legend of Golden Pizza

13. Number Conundrum 

Students are challenged to work with decimal numbers, during which time they will have to employ problem-solving skills in order to correctly input the values into the table. Each number is the sum of the two numbers below it. 

Number Conundrum

14. Jumpy

Division and multiplication skills are put to the test in this fun-filled math game. Students are assigned animal characters and have to help the animals get to a birthday on the opposite end of the pond. Help the animals use various objects to cross the river by answering the questions that appear on screen. 


15. Sushi Fractions

Students learn about a variety of fractions whilst creating sushi platters based on specific orders they have received from customers at a restaurant. 

Sushi Fractions

Fun Online Math Activities 

16. Tug Team Tractors

Practice multiplication with the help of this nifty online game! In a team, students must work together to pull the opposing team over the halfway mark. In order to achieve this, they must solve multiplication sums that pop onto the screen. 

Tug Team Tractors

17. Volume of Solids

One of the more advanced math concepts to grasp is that of volume. Students come to an understanding of volume by learning to multiply height by width and employ other formulae as and when necessary in their problem solving efforts. 

Volume of Solids

18. Flipping Pancake Fractions

Students gain a reasonable amount of knowledge related to fractions as they gain valuable fraction practice whilst engaged in this fun pancake flipping activity. 

Flipping Pancake Fractions

19. Ratio Martian

The Martian is hungry and students need to identify and select different ratios that pop up on the screen in order to feed him and help him survive. 

Ratio Martian

20. Matific Galaxy

This app-based game allows students to increase their confidence in areas such as volume and capacity, time, place value, fractions and more! 

Matific Galaxy

Our math game database is sure to have your students building skills and solidifying newly-learned concepts whilst engaged in educational games with a STEM based focus. These games not only ensure student progress, but also teach the basic math skills to students and allow them an opportunity to get comfortable with more challenging concepts such as volume practice, fraction multiplication and more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are games important in the math classroom?

Games help students to practice their newly acquired math skills in a fun and memorable manner. Games encourage students to use problem solving skills in order to reach the right answers and help students develop a deeper understanding of the work. Games can also be co-operative or competitive and allow students to work with other people, therefore helping to facilitate teamwork.