Whether we like it or not, technology is ever becoming part of our daily lives. Technology has its place in the classroom, but should definitely not be overused. We’ve compiled a list of our top 15 technology-based activities for preschoolers to enjoy both in and out of the classroom. Browse through our selection of electronic and off-screen activities to get inspired for your next technology class!

Electronic Technology Activities 

1. Develop digital literacy

Ask students to edit pictures or create a short video to upload to an online base and have fun with computers.


2. Ipad scavenger hunt

Preschoolers can go on a scavenger hunt and use an Ipad to take photos as they tick off items on the list.


3. Increase visual literacy skills through the use of songs

Learners can move around and have fun whilst learning new vocabulary through video-led teaching.


4.  Develop reading and writing skills

Reinvent reading with Square Panda! This platform is perfect for preschool learning as guided videos encourage students to read and write whilst being led by the on-screen video demonstration.


5. DIY cardboard laptop

STEM Technology activities such as these are perfect for teaching the elements of technology. Get kids excited to explore the world of computers by first building familiarity with computers in this constructive way.


Non-Electronic Technology 

6. Lego building 

Develop fine motor skills by encouraging lego-play activities with a purpose.


7. Paper hair cuts

Fun ideas to develop motor skills are perfect for pre-school learners. This activity takes no time at all to arrange and encourages students to practice using scissors by giving their friendly creations haircuts.


8. Paper plate UFO craft using a hot glue gun

Design a spaceship, kitted out with an operating alien. Use the hot glue gun to build the ship and glue the alien and dome (cup) down.  Students learn about technology when they see how electricity heats up the glue.


9. Penguin Art project

This is the perfect off-screen technology activity! This project teaches learners to work with a paintbrush and allows learners to create “icy landscapes” using salt.


10. Building blocks

Encourage children to build towers with blocks or objects around the house or classroom. These types of technology projects teach valuable lessons about balance and structural support.


More STEM-related Tech Activities

11. Lightning bug paper card circuit 

This STEM-focused classroom activity is perfect for introducing simple circuit projects, through which students learn about electric circuits and currents.


12. Wildlife craft video

This hands-on preschool technology lesson is the perfect way to make your learner’s crafts come alive. Using a video camera to record movements and create a film with your class is perfect for introducing technology to record with e.g. cameras, phones, movie makers.


13. Technological music center

Activities for kids that incorporate music and movement are the perfect additions to any kindergarten classroom.  Build an intentional technology music center with the following: karaoke machines or microphones, electronic keyboards, and shakers, allowing your students to get creative with their daily learning.


14. Straw maze

The perfect engineering activity that involves hands-on learning is to build a maze with your students and have them race Hexbugs through it.


15. Build a 3D Skate Park

This wonderful piece of technology allows learners to learn about dimensions. 3D pens are the best tools to have creative ideas come to life. Build 3D skate parks and more using this screen-free technology activity.


These cool tech tools and activities provide awesome opportunities to teach reading skills,  listening skills, and more! Enjoy interactive computer games as well as hands-on learning as you lead your class and kids through this wonderful list of activity ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you teach technology to preschoolers?

Ensure that learning about technology is fun and context embedded so that it can easily be connected to a greater whole. Technology should be used to support and enhance everyday classroom content. Teachers should share many examples and ensure that the language they are using is graded to the level of their learners so that all information is understood.

What are examples of technology in the classroom?

Anything from electronic technology such as laptops, cameras, and recording devices as well off-screen technology such as painting, cutting, gluing, and building can all be considered examples of preschool classroom technology.

Why is technology important in education?

Our modern day society is so technology-driven and new developments are forever being released. Technology in education gives learners an opportunity to access new information and discover more about the world around them. Technology also helps to speed up classroom processes and practice new, unique ways of learning.