Bones poking through legs, guts on the outside, scratched retinas, rotten toes, dislocated elbows, lacerations, collapsed lungs, swelling brains, heart attacks, spinal injuries and diarrhoea occupied my weekend.

I wasn’t in an RTA, I didn’t take my bottom set Year 9 out and I wasn’t watching EastEnders. I was on a medical course for people who are going to be more than 24 hours from professional help. The course aimed to give us confidence that no matter what we’re faced with, we can deal with it. However, with the roll call of injuries sustained while on ‘expeditions’ it did make me wonder whether going through with this is the sensible option!

Talking of sanity, while walking through Hyde Park to the Royal Geographical Society in London, I saw a heron being mobbed by five green parrots. Anybody else seen parrots in Hyde Park, or is it just me?