This straight-forward guide by Anthony Powell will help you to monitor and evaluate performance, showing you how you can exploit the power of SIMS to assist with this task and support school improvement and assessment for learning.

This brand new title concentrates on using the Assessment Manager and Performance Analysis modules of SIMS. It will show you how these modules can be used easily and efficiently to support school improvement and in particular assessment for learning.

This unique new guide will help you to:

  • Enhance your students learning experience and performance by enabling you to carry out successful assessment for learning

  • Contribute to whole school improvement by monitoring and evaluating performance

  • Spend more time on teaching and with your students and less time on administration

The Making the most of series looks at key issues that matter to schools and then goes on to explain how SIMS can be used to achieve the school’s goals.

The books are intended for managers and leaders who want to see a discussion of the key issues and then be enabled to find out how a good management information system can help them.

They provide easily digested information that starts by addressing the key principles and then shows you how to fully exploit the capability of SIMS software to carry out vital tasks and contribute to enhancing whole school performance.

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