Penrice Community College has developed a system of empowering students and raising achievement through coaching, Barbara Green explains. This article also includes two students’ perspectives on the programme

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This week we explore the role that coaching and mentoring can play in this quest. We also take a look at the newly announced National Challenge to improve schools that are deemed to be under-performing read more

Blue sky thinking − even schools cannot escape this management cliché! But there is a nugget of value to be found within this particular style of brainstorming, especially when it comes to professional and personal learning. With this in mind, we explore how to make it work in schools

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Legal Expertise considers how the Children and Young Persons Bill looks set to have a significant impact on the way schools admit and teach looked after children read more

How can you remember your calling as a teacher and integrate those thoughts, ideas and philosophies into your professional learning?

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Top practical tips for supporting the career aspirations of staff as they prepare to move schools read more

In this issue we explore ways of utilising PLTs to further the development opportunities in your school. We also take a close look at changes in the world of geography teaching and learning.

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This CPD Week we consider how to share staff learning and promote a culture of celebrating achievement. We also take a look at teachers’ main areas of concern as identified by the annual survey of the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)

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This week look into the world of peer to peer learning and what it can do for your school read more

We pose the key questions that schools can usefully answer to get the most out of collaboration for CPD read more

How can SENCOs establish effective support for pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)? This SENCO Week looks at strategies for when working with children with autism

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Primary learning mentor Ayub Malik explains why he is proud to be working with children experiencing barriers to learning

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Jenny Barton, lead learning mentor at Norham Community Technology College, shares her experience of developing and facilitating a support group for parents of teenagers read more

Who is on hand to assist a teacher to undertake enquiry into their practice in order to improve it? Sarah Fletcher explains the role of the research mentor read more

Eamonn Farrar, chief executive and former head of Hurworth Comprehensive School in Darlington describes how he developed unique systems of mentoring to transform a low-performing school into one of today’s top performers read more

Gifted and talented provision faces competition from many other areas for a share of personalisation funding. Josephine Smith and Paul Ainsworth share their tips for raising awareness of G&T in your school read more

Raising the level of challenge for all children lies at the heart of RA Butler School’s G&T policy. Ann Geeves and Clare Gill describe how they have put systems in place to do this read more

Cliff Jones invites readers to challenge the meanings of words and concepts with more definitions of terms in current use and questions to stimulate discussion read more

SENCOs have an important role to play in providing continuing professional development for their colleagues in schools. A recent Ofsted survey lists recommendations for improving practice. read more

The key change to the curriculum at Key Stage 4 has been to increase the breadth of choice. Alan Monks, Deputy Headteacher, describes the impact on Ellis Guilford School and Sports College, Nottingham

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What should be in your early years induction policy and how can you implement it effectively?

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Philippa Bogle compares and contrasts facilitation, coaching, mentoring and counselling read more

Barrie Smale and Andrew Gibbons discuss the skills required of an effective mentor. As a developmental process, mentoring is a powerful and cost effective way of helping people to learn. read more

As you embark on a mentoring programme in your school, have you considered defining a clear approach to mentoring relationships? The following model of the mentoring process may help you to put all the elements for a successful programme together. read more

Peter Kent, headteacher of Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby, and his deputy Annabel Kay, describe how a new model of ‘professional friendship’ has reaped dividends at their school. read more

This is an excellent introductory text to special educational needs and inclusion. It is aimed at trainee teachers and addresses relevant Professional Standards for QTS, but is certainly not constrained by these. The book is organised around three key themes of: principles and policies of special educational needs; working with others; and practical applications in the primary classroom.

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This article examines the role of the learning mentor and how they can be deployed in the school for the benefit of the whole learning community. David Morley reports read more

Clare Smale and Andrew Gibbons consider how mentoring encourages the development of a learning organisation culture read more

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